Are you a builder or developer? Then you should consider joining our team. North Shore Quality Homes has been working with companies such as yours for years. In fact we owe our success to our growing team of builders and developers. I know what you’re thinking “Why shouldn’t I just buy direct?” and here is you’re answers.

We add value with our experience of 15 years in the modular business.

Maple Leaf Homes are the best built homes on the market. Privately owned and respected in the industry.

We offer both residential and commercial builds.

As a result of our TEAM we are one of their largest customers, our purchasing power allows us better pricing, better service and exclusivity in our market.

We work with all our builders and support all of them. With 95% of all inquiries starting online we provide you with solid leads that we take the time to prequalify.

By selling your customer a Maple Leaf Home you are providing them with the best build possible.

Call or email Kevin today and find out if your area is available and how you can become more profitable by joining our team. We all accomplish more working together.